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Other Ways to Travel for Less
  Airlines sometimes directly offer fares:
  ↓Purchase in advance to save money:
  ↓Off-season flights are a great way to save money:
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  • For U.S. domestic flights, booking around 60 days before your departure date yields the best prices! For international flights, booking 171 days before your departure date yields the best prices! However, prices do not start to sharply rise until around 60 days prior to departure.

  • Lowest fares are usually found in mid-week days such as Tuesday or Wednesday when the traffic is light. This is because most leisure travelers like to get away on weekends. For example, departing Wednesday and returning on the following Wednesday may cost significantly less than Sunday-Sunday round trip. Off-hour flights such as late night or very early in the morning departure may also help. Also fare prices tend to go lower in off seasons. Typical off seasons are mid-January through March and October through mid-December except for thanksgiving weekend. During holiday periods fares are expensive. However you might be able to get a discount plane tickets if you fly on the holiday itself (e.g., Christmas Day).